Elon Musk: Latest on Tesla Gigafactory & China

Elon Musk: Latest on Tesla Gigafactory & China

By Alison van Diggelen, host of Fresh Dialogues

I just finished a conference call with Elon Musk re Tesla Motors’ latest Q2 2014 financial results. Beyond the big headlines that Tesla is on track for over 35,000 deliveries in 2014 and expects to build more than 60,000 in 2015, here are highlights culled from @FreshDialogues Twitter feed and other attentive Tesla watchers, including @danahull @katiefehren:

Alison van Diggelen @FreshDialogues 

On the Tesla Gigafactory

Tesla Gigafactory construction pad completed in Nevada, but halted: “Incentives are there… ball in court of Nevada Gov” says Elon Musk

@GovSandoval: Elon Musk says the ball is in your court, writes @danahull

Battery Technology will be next generation soon at TeslaMotors expect 1/3 more energy per cell thanks to Cathode Anode chemical improvements, battery geometry changes says elonmusk

The batteries that will come from Tesla’s gigafactory will have improvements in chemistry, higher energy density and optimized shape & size writes @katiefehren

On the Tesla Factory in Fremont

New Model S/Model X assembly line begins operation next week says TeslaMotors financial shareholder letter 

In 2015, production of 1000 units/week expected

TESLA factory upgrades are in process: creating “most advanced auto paint shop in the world” says elonmusk

On Tesla Motors in China

Demand for Tesla Model S in China is “off the charts” says elonmusk

China’s policy re charging stations specs and EV incentives not a problem “We expect to fit within sales tax exemptions” says elonmusk (Previously analysts speculated that Tesla’s cars, made in the US would not qualify for sales tax exemptions, so this is big news.)

On Tesla’s strict diet

Finally, Elon Musk admits #Tesla is on a diet: “losing 1/4lb here, 1/2 lb there” This weight loss impacts range TeslaMotors #ModelS #EV

On Climate Change

Awesome that Elon Musk still willing to bring it all back to carbon emissions and climate change. Despite wealth creation, & cool factor writes @katiefehren

On Tesla vs Apple (the comparisons won’t go away!)

.@ElonMusk humblebrag on the success of stores: “Our sales per square foot are double that of Apple.”

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