Clean Tech investor, Laurie Yoler’s bailout aftermath predictions

Clean Tech investor, Laurie Yoler’s bailout aftermath predictions

By Alison van Diggelen, host of Fresh Dialogues

I met with Growth Point Technology Partners Managing Director, Laurie Yoler just 12 days after the historic bailout of the US financial system was signed into law. She’s a seasoned investor in emerging technology, a specialist in clean tech and serves on the board of Tesla Motors, where she was an angel investor. Laurie gives a fascinating insight into the psyche of venture capitalists at this historic time and explains why she remains optimistic. We also explore these questions:

How long will it take before the market stabilizes?

How will the IPO, Merger & Aquisition and private placement markets be affected by the financial turmoil? What about those frothy valuations?

What clean tech trends have emerged this year?

What’s hot in clean tech and why is clean tech in Europe ahead of the US?

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Check back soon for Part II when Laurie discusses her early involvement in Tesla Motors and the company’s role in clean tech history.