KBAY interview with Sam Van Zandt


Sam Van Zandt invited me to talk about Fresh Dialogues on his public affairs show, South Bay Sunday last month. I invited my friend Peter Delevett, columnist with the San Jose Mercury News, to join us. The interview is scheduled to air on June 5th and Father’s Day, June 19th, 2011 on 94.5 KBAY and MIX 106.5

Fresh Dialogues with Alison van Diggelen – a green focused interview series

To listen to the interview click this link: South Bay Sunday Interview with Sam Van Zandt

We talked about what’s new at Fresh Dialogues – and the exciting new Lesson Plans produced by our new education expert, Lisa Lubliner.




We also discussed my dear old dad, Peter Gourlay, and how his frugality and “waste-not-want-not” mentality helped inspire my green mission today.

I read an extract from my essay “Gardens and Their Power to Heal” which is part of the new book collection “This I Believe: On Fatherhood”

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