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Are you an educator looking for original content and interviews about green innovation to share with your students? You’ve come to the right place. Fresh Dialogues has archives of hundreds of exclusive interviews with innovators, venture capitalists and experts who are greening our world.

• Scientists like KR Sridhar whose team at Bloom Energy is breaking new ground on fuel cell technology. Give your students access to this eloquent NASA scientist explaining fuel cells 101. If you want to inspire your students to get involved in sustainability and the green economy, share his motivations for being in the green business.

• Venture Capitalists like Vinod Khosla who has been a pioneer of green investments, and leads Khosla Ventures, a fund with over $1 Billion to invest in green innovation. Check out this exclusive Fresh Dialogues interview and transcript where Khosla explains why he’s concerned about global warming and how that motivates him to find and invest in green technology solutions.

• Experts like Tom Friedman, the New York Times columnist and author, who explains why he’s envious of China’s vast investment in green technology and what he’s doing to drive forward the green agenda.

These are only three examples of the many interviews featured at Fresh Dialogues and we will be adding new science fair links and educational resources every week.

Check out our Lesson Plan Series prepared by Lisa Lubliner, our Fresh Dialogues Education Expert.

1. HOW TO PREDICT THE FUTURE: A TOM FRIEDMAN LESSON PLAN Using historical documents and an interview with Tom Friedman, this lesson encourages students to consider:  Why do we make predictions about the future? Do predictions help us? If so, how? On what do we base the predictions that we make?

2. KRUGMAN: CARBON TAX LESSON PLAN In this lesson, students will learn why carbon dioxide is contributing to climate change, why economists suggest a carbon tax, and how carbon sequestration works by creating a carbonated beverage out of apple juice and dry ice. This experiment illustrates how carbon dioxide can be stored in a substance. Students will compare and contrast the results to determine if liquid carbonation is an effective method for carbon sequestration.

3. HOW TO BUILD BETTER BATTERIES FOR ELECTRIC CARS Why are batteries so important in our lives? How do batteries work? How are lithium ion batteries superior to alkaline ones? How can battery efficiency be improved? How does battery innovation impact electric cars and the transport sector?

We have organized some of our popular topics in the links below. Simply click on the topic you’re exploring and you’ll find all relevant interviews and posts. To drill down within each post or interview summary, use the CONTROL + F buttons to find the keyword you’re looking for.

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About our Fresh Dialogues Education Expert: Lisa Lubliner is a respected and energetic educator with a varied background in teaching and administration.  She has worked as a teacher (Moreland District, California – Teacher of the Year), served as a Gifted and Talented Education consultant, evaluated schools for the State of California and created a successful model for Independent Study Programs in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She has an extensive background in alternative education and strives to engage students through real-world projects that emphasize critical thinking and the creation of action plans.

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