Tesla Superchargers: Alien Spaceships, Power Naps

Tesla Superchargers: Alien Spaceships, Power Naps

By Alison van Diggelen, host of Fresh Dialogues

Today on Bloomberg News, Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, ever the space junkie, described the new 100-strong Tesla supercharger network like this: “it will feel like alien spaceships landed at highway rest stops….a beacon of hope and inspiration.”


Tesla  announced details of its superchargers network on Monday September 24th.

The new fast chargers will boost the existing west coast network that enables EV drivers to journey from Canada to Mexico using slower level 2 chargers. Meanwhile, terrestrial Tesla spokesperson Christina Ra shared more mundane details of the company’s new supercharger network during our recent test drive of the Model S.

“It’s intented to solve the conundrum of the road trip, long distance travel,” said Ra. “So we will have superchargers along frequently traveled roadways, for example between LA and San Francisco, to enable charging during road trips.”

It is anticipated these fast chargers will be located at Harris Ranch, Coalinga (for the LA/San Francisco travelers) as well as dozens of other locations like Tesla, Newport Beach to connect popular Tesla centers across the country.

Power Nap?

Tesla is eager to emphasize the speed and convenience of these super chargers, but let’s face it, no matter how cosmic, the experience won’t be as rapid as a five-minute pit stop at the gas pump.

“It doesn’t really modify your behavior,” says Ra. “It takes about a half hour to replenish 150-160 miles of range.”

Fresh Dialogues asked: Time for a cuppa coffee or a perhaps short nap? Indeed. The practice might add a whole new dimension to the term  power nap.

Ever the pragmatist, Ra confirmed, “Time for lunch…bathroom break.”

Three intrepid Model S drivers just completed the first coast to coast drive, from San Francisco to D.C. Perhaps they can test drive some of the new superchargers on the return leg?

Click here for live video and full details of the Tesla superchargers network on Monday September 24th, 8pm (or beyond).

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