Bloom Energy: A Closer Look at Adobe’s Bloom Boxes

Bloom Energy: A Closer Look at Adobe’s Bloom Boxes

By Alison van Diggelen, host of Fresh Dialogues

Ever wondered why so many companies and institutions like Google, eBay and Caltech are installing Bloom Energy’s fuel cell Bloom Boxes?

Here’s a fascinating breakdown of the figures for Adobe’s San Jose Headquarters from Bloom Energy‘s Director of Product Marketing, Asim Hussain, who made a rare public appearance at SVForum’s Clean Tech Conference at SAP last month.

The Bloom Box installation was made atop Adobe’s garages in 2010 – Here are the details:

Number of Bloom Boxes/ Servers: 12

Size of Bloom Servers: 1.2 Megawatts

Energy source: Biogass (100% renewable)

Cost to generate power: 8.5c per Kilowatt Hour – fixed for 10 years

Previous cost to generate power: 13c per Kilowatt Hour

Savings: Approx $500,000 per annum

Incentives and programs: PG&E self generation program, Federal Investment Tax credits

Green Building issues: Helps LEED evaluation qualification for Platinum Certification in areas of energy and atmosphere; and innovation and design.

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