How to Build Better Batteries for Electric Cars – Lesson Plan

How to Build Better Batteries for Electric Cars – Lesson Plan

By Alison van Diggelen, host of Fresh Dialogues

Today, we’re presenting the third in our new Lesson Plan Series based on Fresh Dialogues interviews. The series is compiled by Lisa Lubliner, our new Fresh Dialogues Education Expert.



Fresh Dialogues Lesson plan – battery technology electric cars

In 2010, Fresh Dialogues produced a video featuring Mark Platshon, a venture capitalist at Vantage Point Capital Partners, one of the leading investors in battery and energy storage innovation. Mark gave a good overview of energy storage, its limits and potential; and explained what venture capitalists are looking for in new storage technologies. Let’s call the VIDEO Batteries 101.

Here are some extracts:

What is a battery?

“Throw a dart at (two elements on) the periodic table and you can make a battery out of it…a potato and a penny can make a battery…unfortunately we have a very limited periodic table…(and remember)  Moore’s Law doesn’t apply to chemistry!” VC, Mark Platshon

To find out more about batteries and explore a step by step lesson plan about batteries – check out the lesson plan link below:

Why are batteries important to us?

How do batteries work?

How are lithium ion batteries superior to alkaline ones?

How can battery efficiency be improved?

How does battery innovation impact electric cars and the transport sector?

Click this link for the answers:  Fresh Dialogues Lesson plan – battery technology electric cars


At NY Times – Building a Better Car Battery

And NPR – Leading the Charge to make Better Electric Cars

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The video was recorded at SDForum’sCleantech Breakfast held at SAP headquarters in Palo Alto on June 29, 2010. The event was moderated by Jeffrey Selman of Nixon Peabody and also featured (former VentureBeat’s and now) Tesla’s Camille RickettsDania Ghantous of Qnovo Corp. and Ashok Lahiri of Enovix.

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