John Robbins: Science of Climate Change Incontrovertible

John Robbins: Science of Climate Change Incontrovertible

By Alison van Diggelen, host of Fresh Dialogues

In February, I interviewed author and environmentalist, John Robbins at the Commonwealth Club, in Silicon Valley. Robbins is most famous for his books “The Food Revolution” and “Diet for a New America”; has been interviewed by Terry Gross, and Oprah; and is a sought-after speaker on environmentalism, food and animal rights. We had a lively conversation about climate change, conscious consumption, and why he chose to say no to a Baskin Robbins future of ice-cream wealth; and carve his own path, teaching conscious consumption for good health and a healthy planet. Listen to the interview here

(check back soon for video – the interview is scheduled to air on Comcast Channel 30 soon)

On climate change

“The science of climate change to my eyes is incontrovertible. It saddens me that public policy is not coordinated.”

On the link between beef and global warming

“Part of it is the carbon footprint of beef, part of it is the methane. Methane is an extraordinary greenhouse gas, it is twenty times stronger than carbon. It’s produced by cattle, it comes out of both ends of them – as a gas. It’s a biological reality. We are producing so much of it through our beef production and our dairy cows that it’s driving us to a climate chaos and we’re so close to some tipping points where it becomes uncontrollable. We need to do immediate things…”

On Climate Change and Public Policy

“I see the gap between what seems to be politically possible in this country – where so many people no longer even believe that humans are contributing to increased carbon, emissions and destabilization of our climate. But the science (of climate change) to my eyes is literally incontrovertible. It really saddens me and pains me that our public policy is not coordinated with what science is telling us. What will it take to wake us up? How much time do we have? How lucky do we feel? We are gambling…”

On approaching the planet’s “tipping point

“We are up against nature’s limits. If we can’t learn from that collision that we’re approaching…and adjust ourselves to live within the earth’s means…we are sentencing our children and grandchildren to a future that is probably barely livable.”

On the food solution

“I’d like to see us create a food system that doesn’t contribute to global warming, instead of one that is the leading contributor to it. If we are serious about feeding ourselves, the imperative to move to a plant based diet is a moral and unavoidable solution. Al Gores says change your lightbulbs – what about changing your diet?”



Advice for consumers – Five baby steps

One: Shop at a farmers market

Two: Eat more plants, fresh food, less animals

Three: Eat less

Four: Stop eating processed food, junk food

Five: Laugh more, eat less, Create more, eat less. Love more, eat less. Care more, eat less…