Maureen Dowd: Obama, Camus and a Cocktail Waitress

Maureen Dowd: Obama, Camus and a Cocktail Waitress

By Alison van Diggelen, host of Fresh DialoguesMaureen Dowd on Fresh Dialogues

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In this interview with Pulitzer Prize winning columnist, Maureen Dowd, we discuss her unique take on the Obamas; what Barack’s pop culture preferences reveal about him; and how Michelle is embracing the First Lady role in a refreshing way. Maureen explains her saucy writing style, who inspires her and she reveals her radical Plan B: if the future of journalism isn’t as rosy as she anticipates.

She’s been described as “The Queen of Snark” – what’s her reaction?¬†

“I prefer the word saucy to snarky. It’s more just irreverence. An inspiration for me was Jonathan Swift…he wrote about abuses of power in England. ..I think humor is a great way to get across hard truths sometimes. That’s what I’m aiming for.”

On Barack Obama’s desire to avoid the Angry Black Man stereotype

“He’s like a Camus character…he’s very Zen-like…Any morning I expect to turn on the TV and see him teaching the nation yoga and meditation.”

On the Obama Presidency

“It’s a fun time in history to actually be able to cover the first African American President and First Lady. Sometimes we lose sight of the amazingness of it because Obama doesn’t stress it.”

On being denied interviews

“I don’t think it’s a gender thing…they’re a little afraid I’ll be a little acerbic. It’s just my style versus a more earnest style that they’re more comfortable with.”

On being described as ‘hot, irresistable to men, bewitching and intimidating.’

“I haven’t heard about any of this, but I’m flattered.”

This interview was recorded at the Fairmont Hotel in Silicon Valley on April 2, 2009. To hear more Fresh Dialogues interviews with Maureen click here, or for a transcript click here