Guy Kawasaki: Prius are Ugly

Guy Kawasaki: Prius are Ugly

By Alison van Diggelen, host of Fresh DialoguesGuy Kawasaki on Fresh Dialogues

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Apple evangelist and venture capitalist, Guy Kawasaki discusses the aesthetics of hybrid cars, Tesla Motors, and nuclear power. He also delivers a very memorable lesson about keeping on the good side of the media in this Fresh Dialogues interview.  While discussing the relative merits of his Audi R8 and a Toyota Prius hybrid, he lets his candid attitude prevail, and calls the Prius “ugly.”

“So I just insulted the interviewer?” Guy Kawasaki

Listen to this interview and find out how Guy tries to redeem himself. 

“Maybe I’m too insecure to drive an ugly car and you’re not.” Guy Kawasaki

On Tesla Motors

“I’ve no desire on a Tesla… along the lines of the Kindle… it’s just one more thing to get charged every day, right? You’re just pushing me over the edge.”

On nuclear power

I think nuclear power is something we should explore…yeah I know about Three Mile Island and Chernobyl, but every car out there is killing us too.”

The interview was recorded at Guy’s Garage Technology Ventures office in downtown Palo Alto on April 8, 2009. For more interviews with Guy, click here