Michael Krasny: Why Green Forums Matter

Michael Krasny: Why Green Forums Matter

By Alison van Diggelen, host of Fresh Dialogues

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Earlier this year, I had the chance to turn the tables on celebrated Forum Host, Michael Krasny, and interview him for Fresh Dialogues. He was surprisingly candid about how how he fights feelings of inadequacy and is driven to prepare thoroughly for each interview. The focus of this segment is the environment and why he has cause for optimism. He explains why he regularly chooses green topics for Forum and sees organizations like Sustainable Silicon Valley as providing good models for bringing businesses, government and NGOs  together to create a greener future.

On carbon footprints

“I meet people in the corporate sector and they’re really genuinely, passionately concerned about the environment and want to be good corporate citizens and want to…do whatever they can to bring down the carbon footprint.”

On hypocracy and reasons for optimism

“There’s a lot of hypocracy out there in both the political and business world…those who don’t exactly see the green revolution as anything other than too much government control…I’m encouraged though on environmental issues…particularly because I see a lot of young people who care about the environment.”

On smart growth and forums

“What they do in Holland is exemplory. They have business interests, environmentalist interests, government interests actually sit down and look at what they can do to bring about common consensus and move forward progressively…. There really has to be a coming together.”

On doing more – like becoming a vegetatarian or riding a bike – to reduce his carbon footprint

“I know it’s better for the environment. I know all these things deep in my bones…is it hypocritical that I know them and can’t act on them? I don’t know. It’s something that I wrestle with.”

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The interview was recorded on April 21st, 2009 at the KQED Studios in San Francisco.