Adam Jackson: How Twitter is Going Green

Adam Jackson: How Twitter is Going Green

By Alison van Diggelen, host of Fresh DialoguesAdam Jackson on Fresh Dialogues

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I caught up with Twitter officianado, Adam Jackson at SDForum’s Teens Plugged in Conference. He talks about how Twitter is going green and how his new book, 140 Characters, a style guide to Twitter, will be released as an iPhone App – a greener and cheaper option than a traditional book.

On Twitter’s green credentials

“If you use Skype to have a conversation instead of flying across the country, you’ve saved money and saved the environment.”

On his book, 140 Characters

“I think a lot of our sales will come from the $4 for a virtual app….its selling point is that it comes instantly … but it’s also a great thing for the earth.”

“It tells you how to post links to get the most clicks.”

On his upcoming book #2

“The other one I can’t talk about yet…but it’s about status updates for MySpace and Facebook. The subtitle is ‘How a social media nobody changed the world with just the status update.'”

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This interview was recorded on May 13, 2009 at HP Auditorium in Palo Alto