Guy Kawasaki on evangelism and green revolutionaries

Guy Kawasaki on evangelism and green revolutionaries

By Alison van Diggelen, host of Fresh Dialogues

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I met with Guy Kawasaki at his Garage Technology Partners office in Palo Alto earlier this month to explore his role as a Macintosh evangelist and how he’s since become a successful entrepreneur and marketing guru.  What a fun personality: Guy laughs easily and rarely stops smiling!

Guy gives some insights into what has made the iPhone so successful. ( Apple just announced second quarter revenues are up 9%  thanks to strong sales of iPhones and iPods) We also discuss the green revolution, religion, death magnets and:

Why he disputes that he’s a legend…yet

Why being a legend should NOT be your goal in life

His advice to young entrepreneurs and what he learned from Virgin founder Richard Branson

An invaluable life lesson his father taught him

What turning 50 meant to Guy

His online presence  –  Twitter and Tweetgate controversy

The difference between an evangelist and a sales/marketing exec

Working with Steve Jobs and what he learned from him

Why Guy thinks Steve Wozniak is a legend and why he recommends the book,  IWoz

Advice for Green Revolutionaries from his book,  Rules for Revolutionaries

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The interview was recorded at Garage Technology Partners in Palo Alto on April 8th, 2009

Guy Kawasaki and Alison van Diggelen, Fresh DialoguesGuy’s green tip: he recently installed low-flow shower heads in his home and bought the Samsung front loading  clothes washer (Model WM2487HWM).

Result: he’s halved his monthly water usage. Impressive stuff.

In part two of our interview (coming soon), Guy gives his take on the Amazon Kindle, the future of venture capitalism and explains why he can never drive a Prius. Hint: it’s something to do with their…um… aesthetics.  He revealed his strong views before he knew I was a Prius driver and proud of it…makes for some interesting listening!


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