Cool Earth Solar

Cool Earth Solar

By Alison van Diggelen, host of Fresh Dialogues Rob Lamkin Cool Earth Solar on Fresh Dialogues

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Rob Lamkin is CEO of Cool Earth Solar, a solar energy company -with a difference. The Cool Earth team (which includes several rocket scientists) has developed low-cost balloon shaped concentrators that capture up to 400 times magnified solar energy. Check out their power station simulation. It looks like a party!

Rob Lamkin discusses

His passion for solar energy and why windmills are beautiful

Why solar energy jumps out as being the solution to our energy crisis:

“Solar energy is the only thing we have in near enough abundance to solve the energy problems that we have.”

“The promise of solar has not come true and one of the main reasons is cost and availability.”

“I went from being a solar technology agnostic to ALL IN.  I think Cool Earth has a huge advantage.”

“Where the magic comes in is: we use 1/400th the amount of solar cell material in order to produce the same electricity as conventional photovoltaic panel technology.”

How a passion for clean energy is a prerequisite for hiring at Cool Earth Solar

Cool Earth Balloon on Fresh Dialogues

Cool Earth Solar’s Rob Lamkin on Fresh DialoguesCool Earth party power plant simulation Fresh Dialogues